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Girls Swimming Underwater

Beginners Course

Fun and Challenging

Goldfish  swimming lessons develop your child’s confidence and mobility in the water, and builds on the basics of swimming and safety. We cover basic movements, breathing fundamentals and build confidence. Your child will explore the water and develop so much water confidence.

30 min lesson


Intermediate Course

Recipe for Success

Octopus develop a basic freestyle stroke through learning big arms. We also teach buoyancy through floating and backstroke kicking in our Octopus swimming lessons.

Frogs learn breaststroke kicks, arms and breathing coordination, treading water and shallow dive.

30 min lesson



Stroke Development

and Butterfly

Become a winner

 Stingray learn bilateral breathing, freestyle and backstroke skills in this stroke development class. The children in the class really begin to swim independently and gain a lot of confidence. Stingrays are the first level that will swim the full length of the pool.

With the butterfly stroke, we focuses on hip movement and kick/arm/breath coordination as well as the perfecting of all 3 strokes. The Stingray stroke development level builds on freestyle and backstroke techniques.  

Marlin further development of the competitive technique and endurance across all strokes. Strengthening starts and turns, endurance and speed

45 min lesson